The Blink Lash Store specializes in eyelash extension products and has their own Nano Mister for the use of curing eyelash extensions. It comes nicely packaged in a box that contains the Nano Mister and charging cable. The first thing I notice is that it has a larger water tank then most on the market at 25mL – a positive! It is also easy to add more water to it.

The Nano Mister lights up blue with LED lights when it is misting and has a re-chargable battery with 90 mins battery life.


The product itself looks pretty plain in all white – nothing special. It works pretty well, but there was a few water droplets coming out from the mist that could cause excess water on eyelash extensions.

Overall, at $29.99 it does the job for a decent price point. It’s not our favorite Nano Mister, but if you’re looking for one at a lower price point this would be a good entry level product to try out.



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