The PremierLash Nano Mister works to accelerate and solidify cyanoacrylate adhesives within seconds. The cloud-like, ultra fine mist cures our PremierLash adhesive’s, reducing or preventing many common eye sensitivities. The nano-diameter of the water particles rapidly sets cyanoacrylate adhesives (polymerization).

Trouble shooting: If Nano Mister is not misting properly, charge battery (charging time 1 hour) or gently clean mist opening with a micro-brush or q-tip to remove dust and water condensation.


Only available for eyelash extension technicians to purchase

Reviewer: Keiko Morimoto, licensed eyelash extension technician

I’ve been an eyelash extension technician for over 8 years and am known for providing my clients with the latest advancements in eyelash technology and care. When I read that a nano mister could be used to improve the curing process and also help with sensitive eyes, I immediately ordered a few different brands to try.


The PremiereLash comes nicely packaged in a sleek purple box. Inside is a charging cable, along with the Nano Mister which is metallic silver with a pattern. The water tank can hold 9mL, which is significantly less then some of the other Nano Misters on the market.

I did have to do a bit of trouble shooting because the mister was having some condensation issues that were blocking the nozzle. I wiped it and shook it a bit and it went back to working.

Overall I found the mist particles to be quite fine and didn’t leak, but the power level was quite weak. The design is ok but the sacrifice for the smaller water tank is a drawback. Condensation could be an issue.


I’d recommend doing further research to find the right Nano Mister for you. I’m still on the hunt, but I don’t think I will be re-purchasing from PremiereLash.


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