Nothing can elevate a look quite like longer lashes. Unfortunately, the irritation and burning sensation that comes with eyelash extensions are just too much for some people. That’s why every eyelash extensionist needs to get a nano mister.


Nano misters are absolutely life-saving when it comes to eyelash extensions.


They provide a cool and refreshing mist that helps alleviate any discomfort caused by the glue curating. The nanotechnology inside the device breaks the water down so that it is small enough to be quickly absorbed. This is necessary for eyelash extensions, as too much water can actually undo the work the extensionist just did. The soothing mist also helps set and dry the glue faster, so clients can get in and out sooner.


So why do eyelash salons need nano misters? They help set the lashes faster and avoid any redness, irritation, or burning!


It’s a win all around!


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