A nano mister can fit perfectly into anyone’s life. Whether you’re looking for a tool to up your makeup routine, or just need something to keep you cool on vacation, a nano mister is what you need. Here are the main uses for nano misters:


1. Stay Cool

Nano misters produce a cooling mist that can feel heavenly when in a hot environment. From stuffy offices in the winter to humid days on the beach, nano misters will help keep you cool. Even if it’s just spicy food that has you sweating, this product will help.

Pregnant and menopausal women have also sworn to nano misters. They say it’s been the best device to fight those hot flashes and increased body temperature.


2. Fight Dryness

Dry skin happens even to the best of us. Whether you naturally have drier skin or something is causing it to excessively dry it out, nano misters can provide moisture back to your skin. The nanotechnology these devices use breaks down water particles so they are small enough to quickly be absorbed by the skin, resulting in immediate hydration.


3. Help Makeup

Nano misters have a few uses in terms of makeup. It can be used as a moisturizer, to set makeup, or to provide a dewy glow that even the best highlighters can only hope to achieve. Beauty bloggers and makeup artists have already begun integrating these tools into their routines and have noticed a difference.


4. Set Lashes

One of the worst parts about getting your lashes done is having to sit and wait for the adhesive to dry. This is not only boring but can also be uncomfortable and cause eye irritations. Lash specialist were some of the first to use and recommend nano misters to their clients. The nano misters help set the adhesive faster, in under 5 minutes, and reduce all eye irritations. Sounds like a win-win!


5. Aid Alertness

Whether you’re spending a long day in the office or sitting on a long distance flight, nano misters are the perfect device to give you a wake-up call. The mist they provide is refreshing and helps wake you up, just like splashing cold water on your face would.


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