Nano misters are a rising beauty tool. But some people are unsure what to actually use them for. Well, here are the top 5 uses for your new nano mister!


1. Cool Down

Whether you’re lounging on a tropical beach (which we are insanely jealous over if you are) or in a hot office, you can use your nano mister to cool you down. The device produces a fine cool mister that feels delicious in hot environments.


2. Look Good

There are tons of setting sprays out there, but most contain chemicals or added ingredients that aren’t great for your skin. Know what’s the most natural and best thing for your skin? Water. Nano misters give off a soft mist that helps set makeup, and it provides a dewy glow that can compete against any highlighter.


3. Refreshes and Awake

After a long day in the office or on a long trip, you start to feel tired and worn down. The mist nano misters give off is incredibly refreshing and will make you feel awake and recharged. So next time you’re starting to nod off at your desk or are struggling to wake up on a flight, give yourself a mist.


4. Lash Blast

Who doesn’t want long, luscious lashes? Unfortunately, not all of us can grow them naturally, but thank goodness for eyelash extensions. But lash extensions come with their own pain, usually in the form of impatiently waiting for them to set while dealing with irritation and eye redness. Nano misters not only help curate eyelash glue faster, but they can also reduce that redness and discomfort.


5. Hydrate

Dry skin effects the best of us. From dry winter air to dry artificially heated air, the elements can be brutal on our skin. Luckily, we have nano misters that provide a fine mist that can quickly be absorbed into the skin, rehydrating it instantly.


Looking for a nano mister? We’ve tried & reviewed them all. Check out our pick for the best nano mister available on the market.


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