The great thing about nano misters is that they’re compact enough to be taken anywhere. That means you can carry with you a tool that can keep you cool, refresh you, and hydrate your skin at all times.

Here are the best places to use them according to those that own them:


1. The Office

Somehow offices never seem to have the right temperature. They’re always too hot or too cold and the artificial air seems to dry out skin no matter the temperature! So whether you’ll be needing something to keep you awake, something to keep you cool, or something to keep your skin feeling nice, a nano mister will be your new favorite co-worker!


2. An Airplane

Airplanes making getting from place to place a breeze, but the recycled air does nothing for our skin. It’s dry and stale. Bring your nano mister on your next flight and enjoy a refreshing mist that will keep your skin hydrated the whole time. For longer flights, nano misters can be the perfect thing to wake you up and make you feel ready before you get off.


3. At School

Trying to stay awake in your 9 am history lecture? Try out a nano mister. It’s discreet enough that it won’t cause a scene but it will provide you with the alertness you need.


4. On The Beach

Beaches are fun, but the heat is no joke. People are left with trying to find shade, cooling off with dripping drinks, or getting into the water. While these all work, they’re not always the best solutions. Bring a nano mister with you next time you go to the beach and learn for yourself how cool it can keep you, even when in the sun.


5. The Gym

Gyms are made for sweating, but that doesn’t mean people enjoy being overheated. Whether you’re lifting weights or doing a yoga class, toss your nano mister into your gym bag next time you go. The mist feels amazing after a workout (or during).


6. At Home

Nano misters can be used anywhere, and that includes at home! Use it as part of your make up routine, or simply use it for the fun of it. No matter what you primarily use it for, having one around the house is great.


7. On Public Transit

Nothing is worse than having to commute on a hot, packed train or bus. Unfortunately, that’s a reality for many people in larger cities. In summer and in winter, public transit can be uncomfortably hot due to all the people. Nano misters are small enough to fit into any work bag and will give you some much-needed relief from the body heat.


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