It seems obvious to bring your nano mister to the beach or pool to keep yourself cool. But people often overlook how useful their nano mister would be when going to these three types of places. Don’t make the same mistakes, make sure to bring along your facial nano mister!


1. Amusement Parks

Whether you’re at Six Flags, Disney, or even just a local fair, your nano mister can come in handy. Amusement parks often mean spending hours in the hot sun. This can make your hot and sweaty, but if you remember to bring along your nano mister you can be refreshed and cool as you wait to ride the rollercoaster.


2. Music Festivals

Now that it’s finally warmer, it’s officially music festival season. As fun as dancing the day away in the sun is, it can also be uncomfortably hot. Luckily, if you bring along your nano mister you can stay cool and hydrated. Plus, if yours doubles as a phone charger you can keep your phone charged and ready for those Instagram pics without having to miss your favorite artists to hang around the charging station.


3. Sporting Events

Whether you’re just going to your little brother’s soccer game or attending a professional sporting event, spring and summer is the time for sports. It can get hot cheering under the sun though. Keep the sweating to the plays by bringing along your facial nano mister.



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